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Providing eco-friendly and sustainable products and services appears to give small businesses a competitive advantage, according to a new report by Green America, EcoVentures International and the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO).

Nearly four out of five (79 percent) of the small businesses they surveyed say offering green products and services gives them a leg up on their rivals. Meanwhile, three out of four say sales for green products and services increased over the past few years, despite the economic downturn, and plan to add more to their portfolio. What’s more, the greener the business, the greener its bottom line. Businesses that show a stronger commitment to green services and practices report higher sales, the report finds.

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Suggested Reading: 1/16/11

It has been entirely too long since I last updated this blog. By way of excuse, I was finally brought on full-time at my day job last April and so no longer had the same free time to devote to this project, and then once summer hit my life got a little hectic and I just never was able to dive back in.

That is about to change for 2011. There’s a full post coming later this week, but until then here is some recent news in the world of renewable energy in NYC: