New York Voters Show Strong Support for Solar and Other Renewables

The vast majority of New Yorkers support renewable energy and the state’s solar legislation and policy initiatives, according to a recent poll jointly conducted by Democratic and Republican polling firms. They also are more likely to reelect legislators who champion solar and would pay more on electricity bills in order to invest in solar energy.

When asked how they feel about different types of energy sources, New York voters overwhelming voiced positive opinions about renewables: 89 percent of respondents said they support solar, 85 percent support wind, and 83 percent support hydropower. When it comes to fossil fuels, 82 percent support natural gas, while only 42 percent support coal. Nuclear is the least favorite energy source, with only 41 percent declaring support.

Voters were also asked how much of a percentage of the state’s energy should come from renewable sources. Based on the average of all respondents, New Yorkers want 68 percent of the state’s electricity to come from solar and wind.

The majority of voters also look favorably on the state’s solar legislation and other policy initiatives. About 80 percent said they support the New York Sun Initiative, which would quadruple the amount of PV installed by individuals in the state in the next four years. Eighty-one percent support the New York Solar Jobs Act, including 84 percent of voters in New York City. Seven out of ten would be more likely to reelect a legislator who supported the Solar Jobs Act.

And as much as New Yorkers gripe about energy costs, a full 85 percent would be willing to pay more per month to support PV investment. Nearly 60 percent would pay an extra $1 or more per month.

It appears the voters have spoken. Now we just need to act on that support.

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